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Helping businesses better understand the issues leading to employee turnover.

In an ever-changing economy where workers are consistently presented with new opportunities, organizations must vigorously defend against losing their highly talented workers. While companies are challenged with retaining proficient employees, they also must recruit replacements for workers who are let go or move on and the industry costs included with turnover share a common theme: it is expensive to replace people.

The Labor Lion service provides customers with an anonymous channel for employees to submit feedback by sending a weekly single-question confidential survey. These weekly results generate truthful and meaningful responses from employees and provides organizations with real-time data on the current climate of their organization as well as problem areas within the company and opportunities for improvement or retention. Labor Lion’s vision is to work with its customers to understand their workforce, create opportunities for change, and eliminate preventable turnover. The anonymous channel provided by our service is the most complete way to achieve these goals.

Our mission is to empower the workforce, assist in creating positive organizational change, and initiate cost savings through employee retention improvement. 

  • Anonymity generates authenticity
  • Simplicity creates reliability
  • Honesty fosters opportunity
  • Retention produces cost-savings

Market Statistics

The Cost of Employee Turnover

The Work Institute’s 2018 Retention Report estimated turnover cost to be 33% of an employee’s salary. Using the approximate U.S. median salary of $45,000, the turnover cost per employee is $15,000.

First Year Turnover

40% of all turnover in 2017 was attributed to employees who quit their jobs within the first year of employment.

Training Can Make a Difference

According to Canadian tourism and hospitality HR firm Go2HR, around 40% of employees who do not receive adequate training leave their jobs within a year.

Impact to Productivity

According to business expert, Josh Bersin, of Bersin by Deloitte, a new employee can take up to two years to reach the same level of productivity as an existing staff member.

Employee Value

According to Paychex, nearly 70% of employees indicate that they left their previous company due to low salary while 53% also admit they felt that their employers didn’t care about them as an individual contributor.

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